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ep. 33
Source: TV
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Cel Number: B6
Standard size

No Background

Added 2/23/2009
Updated 3/22/2009
An anxiety-filled monologue concerning leftovers...

This is an unquestionably special cel. I was finally able to make a good scan of her! I decided to add my borealis background, I think it looks nice :) It is unfortunate that she has sustained so much line fading. I'm thinking of commissioning a correction layer and maybe even a background layer with the rest of her hair to frame the cel with.

One new screen capture program and a lot of time pausing and replaying later, I believe this shot is an inbetweener cel that I am too slow to capture. In the cap below the shadow of the cel in the next frame may be my cel, however I would have to somehow splice the scene up frame by frame in order to tell for sure. If anyone is talented at this please let me know, I would greatly appreciate the help!

Ironically, I was looking at my TV collection and realized this is the first cel I have managed to buy of Utena with her beautiful blue eyes ALL the way open ^.^ Seeing this cel also helped me realize that the majority of Utena's flowing bubblegum hair is on the background layer in this sequence!

If you have seen the episode, I highly recommend reading Celeste's analysis HERE

Revolutionary Girl Utena ep. 33 The Prince Who Runs Through The Night

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